Call for Convenors

The Ontario Library Association Special Libraries Committee (OLA-SLC) is seeking convenors for its sponsored sessions at the OLA Super Conference, January 27-30, 2016 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. If you are planning to attend the Super Conference, please consider convening!

The responsibilities of a convenor are to:

  • Draft a short biography of the speaker(s) and use this to introduce the speaker(s) at the session. Content for biography provided by the speaker(s).
  • Meet the speaker(s) at the Speakers’ Lounge or at session location 15 minutes before the session
  • Make sure that, in the case of a panel, all panelists get equal air time
  • Monitor the length of the session for the speaker(s)

Convenor names and institutions appear in the OLA Super Conference program.

For a complete list of the OLA-SLC sponsored sessions, please visit

If you would like to convene any of the sessions, please contact Zack Osborne, ( OLA Super Conference Planner.

For more information about OLA Super Conference 2016, please visit: