OLA Super Conference 2016: Call For Proposals! Sessions wanted from Special Libraries and Information Professions

LegoThe theme of the 2016 Ontario Library Association (OLA) Super Conference is Library Lab: The Idea Incubator. The OLA Special Libraries Committee (OLA-SLC) invites session proposals from librarians, information professionals, records and knowledge managers, and other professionals from special library environments.

“This year’s theme explores the unique position of libraries to harness creative energy and incubate ideas. Our communities are brimming with fresh ideas, entrepreneurial start-ups, and experimental partnerships. Libraries serve as environments that catalyze exploration, breed experimentation and encourage curiosity.”

Special libraries, corporate information centres, and other unique information settings have a distinctive understanding of what is required to transform ideas into working solutions. The collaborating over ideas, solutions, and creative problem-solving efforts are what this theme represents.

OLA Super Conference
January 27-30, 2016
Submit your proposal here: http://proposalspace.com/calldetails/485
Submission deadline is Tuesday, May 19th.

We encourage you to submit session proposals that outline fresh thinking, innovation and creativity. Suggestions and ideas for session topics could include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Evaluating technology
  • Employing your MLIS skills-set in a non-library organization
  • Marketing services to non-users
  • Collaboration with non-library staff within your organization
  • Effective grant-writing
  • Tracking performance metrics
  • Evidence-based practices
  • Policy writing and approval
  • Success stories at your organization
  • Purchasing models and negotiation
  • Matching technology to user communities
  • Working well with IT
  • Influencing in position of no authority
  • Why should the boss listen to me?
  • Advocacy for non-librarians
  • Collaborative service delivery in virtual work environments
  • Future of information services in corporate libraries
  • Dealing with contracts
  • How to get into management
  • Budgeting with limited resources
  • Shoestring professional development
  • Promoting volunteering opportunities
  • Library startup 101

Submit your proposal herehttp://proposalspace.com/calldetails/485
The submission deadline is Tuesday, May 19th. If you have any questions, or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact Zack Osborne, OLA-SLC Planner (zosborne@ocls.ca).


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Business Backgrounding: Conducting Effective Due Diligence – May 14th

The OLA Special Libraries Committee invites you to:

Business Backgrounding: Sources and Strategies for Conducting Effective Due Diligence

Life is full of risk, but a business decision or agreement doesn’t have to be. How can information professionals help their organizations reduce financial and reputational risk and make smarter decisions? Using credible sources and expert techniques, they can undertake thorough background research to identify potential red flags when:

  • Accepting a new client or vendor,
  • Undertaking a merger or acquisition,
  • Vetting an expert witness,
  • Investigating a new source of funding, or
  • Making any agreement with an unknown entity

The OLA Special Libraries Committee invites you to an evening with Marjan Farahbaksh, Principal at FSO Research & Information, to learn about resources, strategies, and best practices for conducting effective background and due diligence research. The session will cover sources of financial, corporate, legal, professional, and reputational information, as well as tips on addressing common challenges, analyzing the information found, and presenting your research to your clients.  Continue reading Business Backgrounding: Conducting Effective Due Diligence – May 14th