OLA Special Libraries Committee Super Conference 2015: Call For Proposals

The theme of the 2015 Ontario Library Association (OLA) Super Conference is “Think It. Do It!” The OLA Special Libraries Committee invites session proposals from librarians, information professionals, and knowledge workers from the special libraries community.

“This year’s theme focuses on creativity, the creative process, and the hard work that that implies!  It’s not enough to have creative ideas – we need to have the gumption to realize those ideas in practical terms. We need to be able to transform our ideas into solutions.”

Special libraries, corporate information centres, and other unique information settings have a distinctive understanding of what is required to transform ideas into working solutions. Productivity and the action steps we make towards realizing an innovative solution are what this theme is all about.

OLA Super Conference: Think it. Do it!
January 28-30, 2015
Submit your proposal here
Submission deadline is Friday, May 16th.

We encourage you to submit session proposals that outline inventive projects, highlight outside-the-box thinking, creative processes, and ways that we can be more effective in our workplaces. Suggestions and ideas for session topics include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Future of information services in corporate libraries
  • Budgeting with limited resources
  • Reaching non-users
  • Collaboration with non-library staff within your organization
  • Grants 101
  • Working well with IT
  • Tracking performance metrics
  • Policy writing and approval
  • Purchasing models and negotiation
  • Matching technology to user communities
  • Weeding: beyond books
  • Evidence-based practices
  • Influencing in position of no authority
  • Why should the boss listen to me?
  • Advocacy for non-librarians
  • Collaborative service delivery in virtual work environments
  • Dealing with contracts
  • How to get into management
  • Shoestring professional development
  • Promoting volunteering opportunities
  • Evaluating technology
  • Library startup 101

Submit your proposal here. Submission deadline is Friday, May 16th. If you have any questions, or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact your OLA-SLC Planner: Zack Osborne (zachary.osborne@utoronto.ca).